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If you get any kind of problem with your computer or need technical assistance, we are here to diagnose and help. From software issues to hardware and networking problems, we will do our best to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible. We can arrange to visit your site and try to get the problem solved there or if not successful we will bring the problem or faulty equipment to our base to diagnose. Once it has been solved and repaired we will return it to you as soon as possible.


If it looks as if your pc is running slow, we can look to see if there is any specific problem be it hardware or software. A solution to speed up the system can be offered and advice given. We can also arrange regular system check of your computers to ensure they are virus free, critical data is backup and to report any problems. Advice will be given on improving performance such as removing unnecessary files and folders that slow down the system and a general clean up and configuration of the system can be carried out.

PC Rebuilds

If your computer will not start and is beyond repair, we can rebuild it using the latest software designed for the type of hardware. You may also want to have a complete rebuild to remove all the junk that builds up from general use such as surfing the Internet.

Supply PC equipment such as computes and components

If you require a new computer or any other IT equipment, Rantech can provide you with quality custom built computers using the best components available for your needs. We will help you decide what you need from your computer from a basic user to the hardcore high performance gaming or graphical user. All our PC systems are fully tested before they are sent out to you ensuring minimal disruption and downtime.


We can carry out computer installations at your office or home and set up all attached devices such as printers and scanners. We can give advice on the best possible setup and also provide cables to assist in the installation.


If your require an upgrade to your computer we can advise on quality products that will meet your needs at a competitive price. We can also carry out the upgrade to ensure everything goes smoothly. If however, your system is way too old, we will advise on a new system and offer a good price for a replacement one.


If your have more than one computer in your office or house, then your will benefit from networking. You can share files, share perhiperals like printers, scanners, etc and share your internet connection. We will advise on the best possible solution for your requirements.We will take care of all the networking needs from network design, cabling, software configuration, network support, security etc.

Network / Cable installation

We can carry out network cable installation to get your network connected up and up to speed. We use quality networking products for cabling and patching. We can also provide hardware such as switches and routers. All installations are tested.

Internet connectivity & maintenance

If you want to get connected up to the Internet, we can provide a connection from a quality ISP at a competitive price. We will analise your needs and discuss with you the requiements such as speed, download type's and security.

Anti-Virus support & removal

Has your computer caught a cold or a virus, if so we are here to remove it. Virus removal can be carried out to ensure no or minimal data is lost. Anti-Virus software will be advised on and all Virus definitions will be updated on the computer.

Web designing and maintenace

If you require a website or your business or for personal use, we can design and create it at a very competitive price. We can also carry out regular maintenance such as updates to it or advise you on how to update it.

Remote support

If you require help and technical support with your computer, we can remotley support it using an Internet connection and attempt to diagnose the problem. You could be anywhere in the world, all you need is an Internet connection.


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